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Legion of Mary 聖母軍
The Legion of Mary has gone through a bumpy year.

We've been troubled ever since our senior officers resigned, worrying about the future of our praesidium. Everything seemed to turn us down: the downcast spirit, the low attendance, the unsuccessful recruitment - there were times that we asked God, 'Could we just end the praesidium and rest?'

Then Our Father shone us a ray of hope.

Shortly after Christmas we tried recruiting new members again, and this time we came back with 8 bright and enthusiastic f.1 members. Everything started to change then. Members started to take up the responsibility to teach our new members, and they grew to become big brothers. We became more close to each other as our brotherhood strengthened, and suddenly the burden wasn't so heavy anymore.

We hope to spread the love God has given us, and also enrich our spiritual lives through services in hospitals, blind centers and homes for the aged.

We would like to thank our spiritual leaders Mr. Ng and Mrs. Lanyin Fletcher for their selfless support throughout the year. They have given us the support and courage to live our legionary life.

May we also grow up together with our praesidium, and with our brothers.

Albert Fung


President: Albert Fung 4Y
Vice President: Louis Chan 4S

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