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Christian Life Community 基督生活團
Christian Life Community (CLC) was founded by a Jesuit, John Leunis, in 1563. It was formerly called the Sodality of Our Lady. The present name (Christian Life Community) was not in use until 1967. CLC is an international organization and is currently available in 50 countries. Wah Yan Kowloon Christian Life Community (WYKCLC) is a faith-sharing group within the Hong Kong Christian Life Community. The qualities that a CLCer treasure are Depth, Reverence, Generosity, Recollection and Silence.

We meet weekly and by the grace of God, a strong feeling of fellowship and a community spirit gradually develop. This is done through praying, listening to the Scripture, sharing some of our life experiences together, helping and supporting each other in our Christian faith and our daily lives. Besides regular meetings and monthly Mass in school, we have other activities, such as BBQ picnic, outdoor Mass, paschal meal, CLC Day for junior members, HKCLC Annual General Meeting and camp, which serve as reunions with other CLC groups and CLCers from Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. There are lots of benefits from these activities. Through preparing for the monthly Mass, not only have we learnt more about the religious etiquette, but also improve our members' leadership and relationship. These diversified activities have given our members a good opportunity to relax by temporarily staying away from the great pressure of studying and also a chance to know more about the Christian life. Moreover, activities through sharing and praying have also helped the non-Catholic members to mix with the Christian Community.

This year, our theme is "Wah Yan brothers, we show our care. Good and bad times, what fun we share" (師兄師弟互關心,共苦與甘真開心。). The programmes being conducted throughout this year have successfully brought out this theme. This is especially obvious among the good times shared among old members and our ten new but enthusiastic Form One members.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Rev. Sean O Cearbhallain, S.J., Rev. Thomas Leung, S.J., Miss Maria Shum and Mr. Matthew Chu. We have a marvelous, memorable and rewarding year under their guidance and valuable advice. Also, we would like to thank the WYKCLC core group members and all CLC members for their effort and participation in the community. We are sure that the WYKCLC will have a bright and fruitful future in the years ahead! God bless!


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