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Christmas Celebration
What will you think of when I say Christmas? Santa Claus? Boxing Day? Are they the real meanings of Christmas or have we forgotten the real meaning?

In order to remind our fellow schoolmates what Christmas is, the Christmas Celebration was held on 21 Dec 2001. Unlike the previous year, we brought out our idea of Christmas by means of giving some Christmas music performance and playing two videos. The first video was about the history of Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Our school, including the buildings, teachers, students and school uniform, was always evolving in the past. However, the Wah Yan spirit hasn't disappeared and will be carried on and on.

Just like the Wah Yan spirit, the meaning of Christmas is the same for the past 19 centuries. In the word "Christmas", we can already know it is something related to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. During the 4th century, the society was messy. Even the so-called Church was full of corruption and jealousy at that time. As a result, people were finding and choosing their own way to live. Some chose to live alone in caves and forests, others chose to follow the trend to deceive and bully people. That is what the second video was about.

No matter in their living style and faith in God, the coming of Christ had a meaning of renewal. Christ taught us what is love and how to love. Love is the only solution to disputes and it helps improve the world. In order to save us from sin and tell us what love is, the merciful God sent his son to our world.

Christmas is a time for us to feel the love of God and renew ourselves. Through the words of Father Naylor on Christmas, our fellow schoolmates remembered what to celebrate in Christmas. Our Christmas Celebration ended with a prayer led by Father Leung in a happy and optimistic atmosphere.

Vice Chairman of Catholic Association
Lam Kanber Kenneth