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Catholic Choir 天主教歌詠團
It is the 6th year of Catholic Choir. As before, our community is a musical group, as well as a religious group. We could feel the faith and gift from God through music.

As in previous years, the Catholic Choir is in charge for songs in every mass. Besides the chanting songs for masses, we also take part in the Christmas celebration. Compared with other clubs and societies, the Catholic Choir is only a small one. Nevertheless, a small group tends to bind us much closer. This relationship bears the most precious thing in the Catholic Choir.

Traditionally, we have an annual outdoor service: the Christmas Caroling in Kwong Wah Hospital. By singing hymns and carols to the sick and those who haven't heard the name of God with the scared music enthusiasts from different parishes, we not only enrich our singing performance, but also let more and more people know our Almighty God.

Lastly, I would like to express our gratefulness to Mr. Damien Ching and our spiritual advisor, Miss Agnes Tsoi as well as other teachers for their invaluable advice and encouragement. And also thanks to the F.5 and F.7 members for their dedication to the choir.

May God bless you all!

Tung Yuk Lun Kilian


Spritual Advisor: Ms. Tsoi Sau Chun Agnes
Choirmaster and Conductor:
   Tung Yuk Lun Kilian 4K
Deputy Choirmaster and Organist:
   Hung Hing Lai Henry 4K
Conductor: Kwok James Tsz Kwan 7SS
Conductor: Tsoi Lut Him 4J
Organist: Chow Ho Yin 2K
Secretary: Wong Kai Chi 3S
Treasurer: Wong hin Pong Charlton 3S
Coordinator: Lam Dominic Chi Lok 2K
 Tsang Wai Ting Louis 7SS
 Siu Chi Ho 1K
 Tuen Tat Hin 1K
 Ho Ling Wui 1K
 Wong Chun Ming 1Y

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