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Catholic Association 公教聯會

Since 1982, Catholic Association has been a bridge between God, our Catholic societies and every Catholic in school. This year, the aim of Catholic Association was 'Cooperation and Communication': we aim to have better cooperation with each Catholic society; we also try our best to communicate with the Catholics so that they may enjoy their Christian life better.

Actually, it is not easy to achieve this aim. There are so many Catholics in Wah Yan, our committee members find it difficult to communicate with them one by one, so the role of the Catholic societies becomes significant. Through the activities of the Catholic societies, the Catholics not only enjoy more in their Christian lives, but also have a closer relationship with God. In order to have good cooperation with the Catholic societies, we try to know more about their operation and difficulties so that we could solve the problems together.

There have been some Catholics who do not want to enter any Catholic society or participate in any Catholic activity. We are trying our best to persuade them back to our Catholic family. In order to prevent this situation happen in Form One, we held the Orientation-Day for the Form One Catholics and had further communication with them afterwards. Picnic was held so that they might have better relationship with the Catholic societies in the Lunar New Year.

Besides, joint-school social service was held in order to let the Catholics understand the importance of serving people. There have been some changes in the prayers' gatherings this year; we advocated using more songs so that people would not feel that praying is very boring.

Finally, I wholeheartedly thank Mr. Ching, Father Leung and Miss Eva Chau for their invaluable advice and support. Besides, the unfailing support from my partners has been indispensable as they always give me suggestion and courage to deal with the problems we face. Thank you and God bless!

Yeung Kin Wai Kenneth


Chairman :
Yeung Kin Wai Kenneth 6SS

Lam Kanber Kenneth 6S

General Secretary:
Liu Yu Hong Simon 6S

Mai Ming David 6S

Master of Ceremony:
Chow Hin Ting 6B

Publicity Secretary:
Tse Lap Tak Beda 6SS


Fung Albert Hei Leung 4Y
Chan Jong Wah Louis 4S
Wan Sheung Tak 4K
Hung Hing Lai Henry 4K
Fung King Tat 3Y

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