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Altar Society of st. John Berchmans

Whenever you ask someone, 'Do you know what's Altar Society?' Their reply will usually be, 'What is it? What do they do?'

Actually, our main duty is to serve mass in the St. Ignatius Chapel. Altar Society of St. John Berchmans was established in 1958, together with St. Ignatius Chapel and had the longest history among the four Catholic societies in Wah Yan. Masses are held daily at 7:15 am from Monday to Saturday, Sunday at 7:30, 9:00, 10:15,11:15 and also during Christmas and Easter. We are different from other clubs, our members must follow the spirit of our patron, St. John Berchmans to learn to be hardworking, obedient and perfect sacrification. Otherwise it's hard for us to wake up early in the morning and come back to school throughout the whole year. Apart from serving masses, we also held meetings, camps and picnics to improve the relationships between our members. During our meetings, we had liturgical training scheme, sharing sessions and addresses from our advisor, Rev. George Zee, S.J, and this enables us to have the opportunity to get known of each other and get closer to God.

Lastly, we would like to appreciate the enthusiasm and participation of the members. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Rev. George Zee, S.J., Rev. James Hurley, S.J., Rev. Pierfilippo Guglielminetti, S.J. and also Rev. Thomas Leung, S.J. for their endless support.

May God bless us all!

Hung Hing Lai Henry


Chairman: Hung Hing Lai Henry 4K
Duty-Master: Wan Sheung Tak 4K
Master of Ceremony: Chow Hin Ting 6B
Vice Duty-Master: Chan Wai Yin Vitus 3W Secretary: Ho Kwong Yan 3K
Treasurer: Yeung Kin Wai Kenneth 6SS
Recreation Assistant: Tung Yuk Lun 4K
Computer Assistant: Chan Yat Hei 4Y

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