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Table Tennis Team
Captain Lee Pui Chung

On behalf of the table tennis team, I would like to give special thanks to our advisors, Mr. Tang Wai Choi and Mr. Chan Ka Lok. Despite the poor performance of our team, both of the advisors has put much effort on training our members.
Years before, our team was playing well and brilliant. We have set place in Division One. However, today, we keep in position of Division Two and the result is still far from satisfactory. Does it mean that our members are not as elite as our past members? I doubt! I guarantee that our members are all talented. But, due to the restriction of training condition, we did not receive the desired format of training. Also, it was my fault for not setting a goal such that we can have the same aim. As we have pinpointed our weakness, I am confident that our team will reach another peak of glory in the upcoming year.

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