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Tennis Team
Captain Li Ka Man

At the beginning of this year, the WYK Tennis Team was not in a favourable condition. There were not enough team members to participate in the inter-school competition. Also, there was no team spirit among members and the attendance during practice was poor. Just like the past, a few experienced players had to leave. Therefore, we had a fresh team, which consisted of some members who had never participated in the inter-school competition.
After training intensely for the whole summer vacation, fortunately, some of these problems were being overcome. Our training involves practicing basic skills like ground-strokes, serves, volleys, smashes and lobs. Since only doubles matches were involved in the competition, we also practiced playing doubles matches and equipped ourselves with tactics, which were much emphasized by our coach, Mr. Gary To.
Although we came seventh among eight schools in the competition (Division One) and we were relegated to Division Two for the next year, we all believe that we can be promoted to Division One very soon.
Finally, I hope the Team will have better results. Making use of this opportunity, I would like to express our whole-hearted gratitude to our coach, Mr. Gary To, for his technical advice and dedication and contribution to the Team.

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