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Swimming Team
Captain Si Yeung


This year can be said as the hardest days of our school swimming team. We met real tough obstacles. We didn't have good performance in the Inter School Championship, but luckily, our team spirit saved us from the edge of relegation.
Quite a number of swimmers were graduated. Besides, an experienced swimmer, Michael Kwok was injured and thus unable to join the championship in time. However, potential and diligent swimmers from form one were recruited, and they helped our team very much even they didn't have too much experience.
Once after the member list was confirmed, training began as in an effort to struggle for the best result in the Inter School Championship. We had two hours training twice a week instructed by our head coach, Mr. Alan Wong. The swimmers improved in skills as they already had well-trained stamina in their club's courses. Besides, experience was also gained from the invitation relays of other school which participated in division one. Relationship between schools was improved, too.
On the competition day, Mr. Alan Wong was absent because of sickness, but under the supervising of Mr. K.L.Chan, Mr. P.Zhang and Mr. K.K.Ng, with the sportsmanship, team spirit and trained skill of our team, we could finally get the 10th place and were able to stay in division one next year.
The result was not real good, but I know it is the best one that we could get under hard times of "swimmers' shortage". And I hope that the lower formers would work harder on the swimming team apart from their studies, in order to lead our team to a higher place in coming years.
Finally, I would like to thank our principal, Mr. Norman So, our vice-principals, Mr. W. K. Leung and Miss Eva Chow, our coaches, Mr. Alan Wong, Mr. W. C. Tang, Mr. K. L. Chan, Mr. P. Zhang and Mr. K. K. Ng, and also every team members, for their effort and support to us.

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