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Inter-school Swimming Championships 

by Si Yeung

"our swimmers struggle to stay in division one"

15th October 2001 was the first day competition of division one of Inter-school swimming Championship. Our team members arrived at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool at 8:15 and did warm up exercises after changing. Afterwards, all of us gathered at our seats and wait for the call.
Our coach, Mr. Alan Wong was absent because of sickness. Mr. Zhang Ping and Mr. Ng Kwing Kwing were requested to be in charge and lead the team with the captain, Si Yeung. Luckily there wasn't any big problem throughout the competition since our team members really co-operated with each other well.
Wah Yan swimmers were not as sharp as the top swimmers, but we believed that we were also one of the best, and therefore we tried to do better than our best. The result didn't disappointed us; most of our swimmers got the standard points. Especially 4x50m medley relay team of B grade, 4x50m freestyle relay team of A grade and Lau King Man in 100m and 50m backstroke could all gain chances to take part in the finals. The first day's program ended with WYK ranked at the middle of the board.
Day 2 was more important than day 1 because that was the final day and the result would determine the final ranking of our school team. Most of our swimmers who participated in 200m events got the standard points, with Kevin Chu Kam Yin got the 6th in 200m individual medley, and Lau King Man got the 5th and 6th in 100m and 50m backstroke respectively. And the B grade relay team got the 8th as the A grade got the 6th. This was not exactly a great result, but at least we did our best and manage to stay in division 1. In a sense we conquered the tough task we faced. I wish that we would have better a result next year.

Event Name Position   Time
200m Free Style Boys C Grade Chu Kam Yin  6th 2'18"88
200mIndividual Medley Boys C Grade Chu Kam Yin  6th 2'39"92
100m Back Stroke Boys B Grade Lau King Man  6th 1'12"40
50m Back Stroke Boys B Grade Lau King Man  5th 32"91
200m Breast Stroke Boys B Grade Wong Kay Wai  6th 3'01"86
4x50m Medley Relay Boys B Grade    7th 2'16"14
4x50mFreeStyle Relay Boys A Grade    5th 1'54"10

"the swimmers were approaching the finishing line"

they were diving off"