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Soccer Team
Captain Leung Oi Lun

Last year was a fruitful year for the soccer team as we were promoted to the division one because of our wonderful performance in last season. Such incitement pushed us to have more vigorous practice this year; we proved that we shouldn't be the one in division 2.
The competition schedule of this year was different from last year - Grade A and Grade B started their matches from October to December. Grade C competition began later. Therefore, boys in Grade C could have more time for practices. Such arrangement is beneficial to them as they were freshmen of the inter-school competition. Conversely, both Grade A and Grade B boys only had a fewer chances for training. Nevertheless, all the boys in three grades put particular effort to practice.
The Grade A was strong, experienced and highly co-operated. We aimed for the champion of this grade. We practiced once a week but could seldom have the full team because some of our members have to prepare the A-level examination. However, all members were highly equipped for the competition. We won two matches, drew one and lost the other. The unstable performance is the major reason for being beaten as we cannot play constantly with a good condition in all matches. Finally, we came the fifth out of eight with disappointment.
The Grade B team and Grade C team preformed well also. They are strong and skillful. Moreover, they both practiced hard and showed us a strong team spirit like the Grade A team in this competition. Again, they resulted in the fifth out of eight.
Our overall result is the fifth and we can still take part the division one inter-school soccer competition next year.
I am glory in being the captain of the soccer team, the leader of the lions. It is my pleasure to fight with my teammates for the champion of the competition. I really enjoy every match no matter we lost or won. Besides, I would like to appreciate Mr. Tang for his valuable advices and serious trainings. The trainings help us to play well in each match. Finally, I hope we will still be one of the participants in division one in the coming year and be the champion!

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