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Swimming Gala

"Team captain reports on the Swimming Gala
which ended in an harmonic atmoshpere "

It was a sunny day. Wahyanites gathered at the main gate of Lee Cheng Uk Swimming Pool, where our swimming gala would be started at 8:30. While the audiences were talking and laughing loudly and happily, the swimmers prepared for their game quietly, seriously.
In the pool, the swimmers warmed themselves up by some relax exercises. At this moment, they could only relax their body but not their mind. After marshalling, the first event began.
The swimmers sat on the chairs beside pool, some of them were still warming up themselves, some of them were talking with their classmates, and some of them were just like meditating.
During the competition, the audiences cried to support their classmates on the stand. Those sportsmen struggled for the medal of glory and honour. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and passion. Our flame might blow up the place later when the final is taken.
The competitions used to give us not too much surprise since most of the medals were swept by the best of our swimming team. But this year wasn't same as before, and all of us were shocked to know that a F.1 student won 7 gold medals including open events of 200m individual medley, 200m breast stroke, 200m free style and 200 back stroke by beating all the other patricipants ranging from F.1 to F.7. That was really a piece of explosive news, especially for the swimming team.
The show time began; it was the final of 4x100 relay. Even only 32 people were swimming, all of us were with them, and we were felt our hearts racing with them.
As the day ended, we brought our hot day into our memories. And we understood that, victory didn't really matter, but sportsmanship did.

"swimmers prepare themselves for the start"
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