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Orienteering Team
Captain Keung Man Yin
Wah Yan Orienteering Team was established on March 26, 2002. The aim of setting up the Orienteering Team is to train orienteering skills among members and to build up team spirit among those who compete in open competitions on behalf of our school.
In future, we would focus on training map reading and compass skills, IOF symbol identification ability and physical fitness. Members' understanding of various orienteering skills would be put to tests when attending the colour-coded event. They would also gain valuable experience. We hope that we can participate the Hong Kong Champions League in the near future.
Although this is our first year joining orienteering competitions, one of our member, Law Wai Tsing, had brilliant results in the Colour-Coded Events and was eligible to join the Hong Kong Champions League next year. Meanwhile other members did their best when they first tried out an orienteering competition in Aberdeen Country Park, the last Colour-Coded of the year 01/02. It is an unforgettable and precious experience for them.
I would like to thank Mr. Norman So, our principal, and Mr. Stanislaus Keung, our coach for their invaluable support to us. I am looking forward to the glorious future of Wah Yan Orienteering Team in the coming years.