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Athletic Team

Team captain Chan Pan reports on the award-winning athletic team

In the academic year 2001-2002, our Athletic Team has promoted athletics well. We have 54 competitors participating in the Inter-School Athletics Championships this year. There is a big increase of the number of team members. But meanwhile, it is difficult to demand a professional performance from every teammate. There is no such way as a shortcut to success, so I asked every teammate to practise their events at least 3 times a week. This request is not demanding for them because training is the duty of a sportsman.
Therefore, our training began in the very beginning of the academic year under the guidance of Mr. Zhang Ping, who taught us mainly the track events, and Mr. Ng Kwing Kwing, who taught us the field events. Together with the help of Mr. Tang Wai Choi and Mr. Chan Ka Lok in team management, our teammates had great improvement in their skills and had built a more mature attitude towards athletic.
It is time to say thanks to the two Vice-Captains, Li Lap Yin, who helped in the field events greatly and Shum Ka Chun who led the C-Grade boys enthusiastically. B-Grade Captain Mak Keng Hou has a steady performance, too. We had received a lot of support from the school which had provided our team with facilities for training, from teachers who gave us good advice, and from wahyanites who cheered us on. I specially want to thank Mr. Wong Chung Him. He is a great coach who has been teaching me for five years and has showed me the way to being a professional athlete. I acquired much valuable knowledge and precious experience from him. Thus, I can share all I have learnt with my teammates. Everyone thought that was quite useful.
I sincerely wish all my teammates could be a better athlete day by day.
But remember, striving with efforts is the only way to success. Whatever we do we should always try our best; don't give up if we fail but keep going; be modest when we win.

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