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Athletic Meet

"The 59th Annual Athletic Meet, was held at Hammer Hill Stadium in the morning of 6th November 2001.  Our Athletic Team Captain, Chan Pan, wrote an exclusive report on it."

Some of the events had already been held in our school field two weeks before the Meet, the finals became a hot topic among Wahyanites.
It was a sunny day with refreshing breeze. Most students came with enthusiasm and arrived at the stadium at around half past seven. In just a while, the spectators stand was already crowded with Wahyanites. They searched for the best seats and got ready to cheer for the athletes of their own classes.
Competitions began with the heats at about eight o'clock. In order to secure a place in the finals such as 100m and 200m races, the athletes took warm-up exercises seriously. The spectators cheered and roared loudly to give support to the athletes. Although not all competitors performed well in the races, the Wah Yan Spirit and sportsmanship were fully exhibited by all of the Wahyanites. This was evident when all spectators applauded to encourage them to finish the races.
4x100m and 4x400m relays always bring the Athletic Meet to the climax. This year, as usual, all classes sent representatives to the competition. The relays showed the cooperation among the athletes. Some classes performed outstandingly and clinched the championship in these events. All spectators stood up and applauded to their fellow schoolmates.
Finally, guest of honour, WYKPSA Mr. Nelson Ho, and our principal, Mr. Norman So, concluded the competition with their speeches. After their presentation of prizes to the Individual Champions and the Inter-class Champions, the 59th Annual Athletic Meet came to a close. We would like to thank our teachers, prefects and scouts who have made the Athletic Meet a success.

"the runner desparates for the final moment"
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