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Senior Choir

This is the seventh year after the re-establishment of the Senior Choir. The choir of this academic year was established in September 2001. Like the previous year, our choir members were not only from form six and form four, but also from form three; most of them were members of the Intermediate Choir. Our practice was held in the lunch period of every Thursday with Mr. Gary So as our conductor. Unlike past years, we decided not to form a mixed choir to participate in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. As a result, we only took part in the Senior Boys' Choir in the festival.

This year, since our choir did not have any performance on the Speech Day, we would focus on the competition. Owing to the unsatisfactory attendance, we decided to have a practice on Saturdays' morning as rehearsal. After the Chinese New Year holidays, the majority of the members were back to the practice. It seemed that they knew the seriousness of the competition.

The 54th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival began in March. The competition of our class held on 9th of March. The set piece of the class was called 輕輕 and our own choice was called 可愛的家邦. We were the first team to sing. Our members felt a bit nervous at the beginning. But under the direction of Mr. So, we had a good performance and got the third place with 88 marks. The adjudicator said our quality was quite good, however, we should improve our expression and intonation. Although we lost the competition, we felt happy because we had done our best and gained much experience from the choir.

The Senior Choir was not formed just for the Music Festival. We joined the Intermediate Choir to sing a song called 漁陽鼙鼓動地來 in our annual concert and gave an outstanding performance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our advisors Ms. Hwong Yen Fang, Mr. Gary So and Mr. David Yiu for their kindly supports and advices. I also want to express my gratitude to our choir members, especially Yau Pak Lun and pianists Chan Yin Yat and Kwok Tsz Yeung, for their supports. I appreciate the diligence and sense of belonging of all members. I hope the next year's choir can do better and become the best choir.

Wong Shun Kin


Mr. Gary So

6SS Wong Shun Kin

4K Chan Yin Yat
4Y Kwok Tsz Yeung