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Intermediate Choir

The Intermediate Choir is one of the three choirs in Wah Yan. The word 'intermediate' obviously reveals that the choir members are mainly selected from the intermediate forms in the school. The choir, founded in 1952, has been the gathering place for elite singers from Form 2 to 4. At the end of each third term, new chairman and vice-chairman are elected. The election for the 2001-2002 chairmen was successfully held in May 2001.

New members were selected by our music teachers, Mr. Gary So and Miss Hwong Yen Fang, in the end of the 2000-2001 school year. To prepare the new members for the general practices in the new term, we started training during the summer vacation with the great support of Miss Hwong. The training is incredibly successful. New members grasped invaluable singing techniques through the summer training.

When new term begins in September 2001, general practices are arranged every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Tenor practice and Bass practice were separated in the beginning of term. Practices for both parts were held after all members got familiar with the pieces. This arrangement has been proved effective in training.

Since the commencement of our new school year in September 2001, we have participated in various competitions and performance. The choir has received tremendous applause from the audiences.

Participating in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival is the highlight every year. In the 54th Music Festival, the intermediate choir entered 2 sections: Intermediate Boys Choir (Foreign Language) as well as the Intermediate Mixed Choir (Chinese Language).

In the Boys section, a love song 'And I'll Kiss Thee Yet' is the set piece. We picked 'Battle of Jericho' as our own chosen piece. This is a song about the war of Jericho, an incident told in the Bible. We started our rehearsals much before the competition. Having practiced for months, our hard work was repaid. Apart from a few mistakes, we sang quite well and came third at last.

In the Intermediate Mixed section, we entered the competition with Good Hope School this year. We sang the set piece '阿拉木汗' and own choice '土地之戀' beautifully and eventually came first in this section.

In April 2002, the Intermediate Choir was granted a chance to perform in the annual school concert. Together with the Senior Choir, we performed '漁歌鼙鼓動地來'. All three choirs sang 'Soveig Song' together as well. Both our members and the audiences experienced an enjoyable night.

The outstanding results we received this year would not be possible without the unfailing help and support of our advisors. Here I would like to express my deepest attitude to Mr. Gary So, Mr. David Yiu and Miss Hwong Yen Fang. Thanks must also be given to the vice-chairman, Lam Kei Ho as well as each and every dedicated choir members who have devoted their time with perseverance and tries their very best in all competition and performances.

Yau Pak Lun


Mr. Gary So

4W Yau Pak Lun


4W Lam Kei Ho

3Y Kwok Kam Ching