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Junior Choir

Our junior choir was established when Mr. Joe Chan joined Wah Yan College to become a music teacher in September 1991.

This year, we have approximately eighty members and most of them are F.1 and F.2 boys. We have Ms Hwong Yen Fang as Our teacher advisor and Mr Yiu Yun Kwan, David as the conductor.

In September, like the past years, our teacher adviser, Miss Hwong Yen Fong chose some new members from the new Form 1 students and we started practice in October,2001. The Choir members were divided into three parts: first soprano, second soprano and alto according to their voices. We had practices twice a week during lunch and after school. We learn how to sing correctly during the first practice.

Unlike the past years, we focused on prepareing the two songs for the competition. We did not take part at the Speech Day this year.

The two songs were "Cross the Wide Missouri" and "The Little Horses". The set piece, "Cross the Wide Missouri", has beautiful melodies and lyrics with a moderate tempo at the beginning. Then it becomes a bit slower and more expressive. At last, it changes to a faster tempo. The song describes a man who had determination to cross the Missouri to see his lover. "The Little Horses" was our own choice, which is a relaxing song with graceful melody.

Besides the practice for the 54th Music Festival, we had to practice three other songs with the intermediate choir conducted by Mr. Gary So who is a marvelous conductor. We had the performance at Chung Shan Concert Hall in Beijing during 22th and 23th December, 2001. Although we had another performing experience, this kept us more busy practicing our competition songs as the Music Festival was drawing nearer.

March 6th was the day of our competition. Under the guidance of our conductor Mr. D.Yiu, we were well prepared. There were twelve entrants. We tried our best and got 86 marks which grant us the third place. We will try harder in the next time to achieve better results.

After the competition, we had to practice another song "All Things Bright and Beautiful" for the performance at our annual music concert. The composer is one of my favourite, John Rutter. The song narrates how beautiful the world is, which was created by God. It has a beautiful melody and it is truely a wonderful song.

After the annual music concert, we practiced another two songs for the performance at the Past Student Association meeting in October, 2002. Also, we practiced a song with the intermediate choir for the performance at the speech day in November, 2002. I think it is quite queer that after the annual music concert, we still have lots of performance and practice. It was different from past years.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to our teacher advisor, Miss Hwong who supports us; our conductor, Mr. Yiu who has spent so much time on the choir practice with us; the junior choir chairman of the last year, Tang Hoi Chung who had been a flutist to accompany the choir; the junior choir vice-chairman of the last year, Chan Yin Yat who was a pianist to accompany the choir and the Music Association President, Javier Yip. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all our members. Indeed, they made numerous contributions to the choir.

Wong Hin Pong Charlton


Mr. David Yiu

3S Wong Hin Pong Charlton

4K Chan Yin Yat