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Wind Band

In the previous years, there was a branch from the Western Orchestra, the Wind Band. It is an organization which requires the sense if unity and belonging. The aim of the Wind Band is to let the students who have learned woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to have a chance to practice and perform together in a symphonic band.

I still remember that Wind Band has only a short history of six years. This year, the total number of members was decreased to 25.

This year, Flute, Clarinet and percussion were the strongest parts in the Wind band.

Most of the parts have 4 or more members, but some of them only have two to three members. Still, we don't have any oboe and saxophone players, but we have got a tuba player this year.

We stayed at school every Friday after school, with the help of our conductor, Mr. Wong Kin. Last year we have not performed on the Speech Day, but this year, we have.

We still have the problem of insufficience of Saxophone and Oboe player, we felt sorry that we could not participate in any wind-band contest in the Hong Kong School Music Festival. But two of the members have participated in some solo events. Yeung Shu Bong (clarinet) got Merit in Clarinet Solo Senior and Yu Sheung Hin (flute) got 1st runner up in Wind Concerto.

After the performance in Speech Day, we were feeling delighted to join the Wind Band of Canossa College to give performance at the Annual Concert. That night, we had performed 3 pieces of music: John Williams' Highlights from Star Wars: The phantom menace and Bruce Pearson's Wind River Overture. And Yu Sheung Hin (flute) performed in the flute solo playing Devienne's Concerto No. 7 3rd movement Rondo, and both Yu Sheung Hin (flute) and Yeung Shu Bong (Clarinet) performed in Group Singing as the Accompaniment for the singers.

Let us have a conclusion for this year's activities. We didn't join any competition. But next year, it is hopeful that we can join the Hong Kong School Music Festival. The members have high degree of co-operation this year, and I can see that quite a lot of members have improved this year, like Wong Ka Yiu (flute), Lai Yu Hang (french horn), Lai Chun Kiu (trumbone) and Fung Yat Sing (percussion). Special thanks should be given to our Past member Leung Chi Sing (clarinet) for helping us in the Annual school concert. The saying, "Once a Wind Band member, a Wind Band member for life" is the best to describe our relationship among the members and with the Wind Band. I hope that next year would be better than this year, and to complete the dream of the ever Wind Band member, participating in a contest in the Hong Kong School Music Festival.

Yu Sheung Hin Edwin


Mr. Wong Kin

4Y Yu Sheung Hin Edwin

Vice Chairman
3Y Yeung Shu Bong

4Y Kwok Tsz Yeung

3S Lai Chun Kiu