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String Ensemble

The String Ensemble was formed in 1996. It is a small group formed by members playing individual parts in the String Orchestra, who were usually the principals or assistant principals of various parts. It aims at providing rehearsals and performances for good string players in our school to let them gain more experiences. However, the ensemble was not continued after that year until we finally re-established it this year.

Our main performances in this year were in the music week and the school concert in April. We had a practice every month in the first term. The practices were frequented since March as the concert was looming.

We performed "The Swan" from Saint Saens' "The Carnival of Animals" and the "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Brahms at the corridor during lunchtime in the music week. The response was quite enthusiastic and some schoolmates shouted out for an encore. Later in the school music concert, we played the 'String Quartet No. 20 in D major, K.499-Allergo' by W.A. Mozart and the performance was also satisfactory. However, we still have room for improvement and we might take part in the schools music festival in the coming year.

I would like to thank Mr. Woo Zun Hin, the conductor of the string orchestra, who would give us advices whenever we had difficulty. Also, thanks must be given to Mr. David Yiu and Miss Hwong, for their advice and support.

Yeung Wan Fei
1st Violin


Ms. Hwong Yen Fang
Mr. David Yiu

1st violin
3Y Yeung Wan Fei

2nd violin
1K Hung Wai Ho

6B Chan Pak Hang

3S Wong Hin Pong