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Percussion Band

With the help of the QEF Fund, the Percussion Band of Wah Yan College, Kowloon was formed in this academic year. It is a band that requires the sense of unity and belonging. The aim of Percussion Band is to provide percussion players with opportunities to develop their talents through rehearsals and performances, and to introduce the music of percussion to every boy in Wah Yan and all people in Hong Kong.

Percussion, this word, may seem unfamiliar and meaningless to you, but for me, it represent `My life`, and I was so happy that I can let Wah Yan boys know that `percussion` is not just a kind of music or a thing to pass time, it is a thing that only your heart can feel. It will turn you life into an excellent and wonderful world.

I remember that, When I was in form 1 Wah Yan did not have more than 5 students playing percussion music, and I have seen another school, they have about 20 percussion players! At that time, I had a determination that I must make more students to know about percussion.

And with the help of the government and the school, my dream has come true. The school has a percussion lesson, it is taught by a percussion player in the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Miss Ng Mei Ying. When I see the Wah Yan boys learn the percussion with their heart and perseverance, I am really impressed.

Although the school have a percussion lesson and band, it also has a problem of lacking the percussion instrument. I hope to get more subsidies from the school, this is the benefit to both our students and the school.

Let us talk about our percussion band, our band now has about 25 members, although they are all beginners of percussion, but their perseverance leads them to do their very best. Our conductor is Miss Ng Mei Ying, under her teaching, we have gained much knowledge about percussion playing.

The first performance of the Percussion Band is the Unsere Herzen 2002 - Our Hearts of Music WYK Annual Music Concert?At that night, we have performed two pieces of music, they are abre Dance?and he Clown? We did very well at the performance, I was touched of this - for some players that was the first time to step on the stage and learned percussion for only one year, they could play such beautiful music, it is the power of Wah Yan boys!

Now, let us we draw a conclusion for this year's activities, we have performed in the school annual music concert, and they have got many precious experience at the performance. I hope the Percussion Band can perform in the Speech Day and many others concerts.

On behalf of the Percussion Band, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude to our principal, Mr. Norman So, our conductor, Miss Ng Mei Ying and our advisors, Miss Hwong Yen Fang and Mr. David Yiu. Special thank should be given to the vice chairman of Percussion Band, Ngai Wui Tung, who shared his valuable experience with me of handling and running the Percussion Band.

I hope that percussion will come to every Wah Yan boy's heart, and I also hope that every percussionist in the Percussion Band will put his heart, mind and soul into every beat of every song they play.

Fung Yat Sing


Ms. Ng Mei Ying
2C Fung Yat sing
Vice Chairman
4K Ngai Wui Tung