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Chinese Orchestra

Our school Chinese Orchestra was formed in 1983.Our aim is to arouse Wahyanities interest in traditional Chinese music. The aim has never been changed and will remain our goal in the future.

The Executive committee was formed in the early August. Regular practice were held every Saturday afternoon. On 10th October, we had our first performence on the Family Day in the school hall. The songs we performed were 春郊試馬, 紫竹調. Furthermore, that was my first time to lead the orchestra and perform my solo - 豐收鑼鼓. After that, our orchestra faced a great challenge in November. We had two performences within three days. On 23rd November was our school's Speech Day. The piece presented was 奪豐收. Two days later, we performed the song 騎著毛驢去趕集 in a performance ain the Tsuen Wan Town Hall, organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Although it was difficult and challenging to our members, we overcome all pressures.

After the mid-term examination, we resumed all the practices. We prepared for the Music Festival on 6th March. We took part in the class for Chinese Orchestra(15-30 praticipants) in which we performed 山丹丹開花紅艷艷. In late February, we had a lunchtime performence at the corridor as a rehearsal for the coming competition. Although we were disappointed that we won no prize among 32 candidates, we had done our best. But we are sure that our efforts were worthwhile. Besides, some of our members took part in the instrumental solo and ensemble classes. To our surprise, they acquired good results.

After the Music Festival, we had a performance in late April for the promotion of Annual Concert in Ko Shan Theatre. We practiced more than usual since the concert was the last performence this year. We also jointed the Chinese Instrumebtal Ensemble of Canossa College as a guest school for two songs 豐收秧歌, 出村的回憶. Moreover, we performed 蘇堤漫步, 瑤族舞曲, 燭影搖虹. I think that this year is very special for our orchestra. We made a break-through in the Music Concert, we performed the school hymn with the Full Choir at the end of the Concert, instead of the Western Orchestra. All of our effort were prasied by the audience.

This year was not a successful year comparing with the last few years. However, we achieved to promote Chinese traditional music. We would like to express our gratitude to our conductor Mr. Lo Wai Leung, member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. He took care of our members as the Father would. Also it is rare for him to work with us more than a decade. It is truly our honor.

Finally, representing the Chinese Orchestra, I would like to thank the advice of the Principal Mr. So Chung Ping Norman, Vice Principals Mr. Leung Wai Kwong and Ms. Chau Suk Man Eva and Advisors Ms. Hwong Yen Fang, Mr. So Kwan Wong Gary and Mr. Yiu Yun Kwan David. Their support helped our orchestra to mature steadily. I believe that the Chinese Orchestra will march into a new era.

Au Yeung Hau Ying


Mr. Lo Wai Leung

4S Au Yeung Hau Ying

Vice Chairmen
4Y Lam Chi Hoi
4Y Mak Keng Hou Louis

4K Chow Ho Yuen
4S Yung Chi Fung