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Unsere Herzen

On 28th of April, 2002, we held our annual concert at Ko Shan Theatre, we did our beest and did not aisappoint the audience.

Do you like to hear what a person feels in his/her HEART? Do you have any interest on what a Wahyanite feels in his HEART? Have you ever think hearing the sound of one's HEART ----- through music?

'28th April, WYK Annual Music Concert - Unsere Herzen via Ko Shan Theatre', came to every Wahyanite's mind in the early April, which is the music concert held by the Music Association annually. With the support of the principals, advisors, the organizing committee members, members of the Music Association, and the participants of Canossa College and Good Hope School, also with the experience gained by last year's Music Association of producing a music concert outside the school, the organization of this concert runs quite smoothly. The performers all practised very hard in those few months, in order to make a good performance, and to express 'our hearts' to the audience ---- Wahyanites' hearts of music.

The theme we chose this year, 'Unsere Herzen', is a German word which has a meaning of 'our hearts' when translated into English. This word comes from a motto of Beethoven, 'Von Herzen moge es wieder zu Herzen gehen. ', which means 'it goes from hearts to hearts' in English. We believe that everyone has his/her own heart of music, like Bach's heart of religious, Mozart's love of naturalism, Beethoven's desire of individualism, are all shown in their music, and these 'hearts' are going to our 'hearts' through different kinds of music. All the participants----the solo performers, the Choirs, Chinese Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band and the newly formed Percussion Band, tried their best to show our grateful audience our hearts. In the program, which has lasted for 3 hours, with the hard work made by the two masters of ceremony, we have won the appreciation from the 800 more audience below the stage.

Having such a good response, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Leung Chun Chim-our guest performer, who was a Wahyanite before-for his 'return' to have a performance for us; Canossa College and Good Hope School, for their participation; our music advirsors: Ms Hwong Yen Fang, Mr. Gary So, Mr. David Yiu, and the conductors of our orchestras and bands: Mr. Lo Wai Leung, Mr. Wong Wai Ming, Mr. Wong Kin, Ms. Ng Mei Ying, for their invaluable advice; the Stage Manangement Team and the Student Computer Team, for their technical support; and to everyone who have worked for this concert. Of course, I would like to thank those who have come to the remote Ko Shan Theatre to supports us. You all have a praiseful heart of music.

Next year, the annual music concert will be held again, and at that time, you can hear a different heart of music, and the heart of music of the Wahyanites will last forever, forever...

Yip Siu Wing
Deputy Cheif-organizer of Music Concert 2002