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Madrigal Team

Wah Yan boasts a total of 3 school choirs: the Senior Choir, the Intermediate Choir as well as the Junior Choir. To attain a higher standard, members of the madrigal team are carefully selected from the three school choirs. Only students who have performed well in the choirs are chosen. In the past years, the madrigal group was often offered chances to perform in various concerts. This year, the madrigal group comprises of 14 students, including Tang Hoi Chung, Chan Yin Yat, Law King Hei, Charlton Wong, Lee Ho Yin, Chong Tai Chi, Cheung Kim Yau, Tong Ho Bentz, Lai Pak Kei, Wong Shun Kin, Yau Pak Lun, Yip Chung Ki, Ng Lit Cheuk as well as Yeung Wan Fei.

This year's madrigal taeam adhered to the tradition and performed two pieces of songs in the annual school concert. The two pieces of songs are 'A Peaceful Bach Canon (Dona Nobis Pacem)' and 'So Much in Love' respectively. The former is the work of J. S. Bach while the latter is an American pop song. Owing to the fact that 'So Much in Love' was performed very well by a former madrigal group years ago, the team members worked very seriously. Besides the every-week lunch-time choir practices, extra rehearsals are arranged after school to ensure the quality of their performance.

Despite the harsh training, our hard work is worthwhile. The madrigal team received rapturous applause from the audiences in the concert. The encouraging results we gained would not be possible without our advisor, Mr. David Yiu. Here I would like to express my deepest gratitude on behalf of the team to Miss Hwong and Mr.Yiu for their unfailing guidance and support.

Yau Pak Lun


Ms. Hwong Yen Fang
Mr. David Yiu

4W Yau Pak Lun