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The Music Association of Wah Yan College, Kowloon was established in 1978. The Music Association, in its 24-year history, arims at promoting and arousing students' interest in instrumental and vocal as well as theoretical music by organizing and supporting activities of music and performing arts of interest to students. Before 1978, the Students' Association was the major student organization to promote and organize activities of music and performing arts. However, as different sorts of cultural activities were becoming increasingly important in Hong Kong, the school authorities realized that there was a pressing need for a specific organization responsible for the promotion of music and performing arts at school and that gave birth to the Music Association.

Unlike interest clubs and the societies in Wah Yan, the Music Association is directly subsidized by the school authorities. With the recent affiliation of the Performing Arts Society and the Pop Music Society, the association now consists of totally 8 constituents, the other 6 being namely Senior Choir, Intermediate Choir, Junior Choir, Chinese Orchestra, String Orchestra and Wind Band.

This year we had some 300 registered members, mostly including all members of the affiliated bodies. The membership provided them with lots of privileges and performing opportunities in the school's greatest events, such as Speech Day, Family Day, Union Day and of course, our Music Week's Luncheon Performance and School's Annual Concert through which the performers accumulated much more on-stage experience, not only encouragement and acclaims from the audience, before taking part in competitive inter-school event, The Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, periodically held in early March every year.

As this year's executive cabinet was formed quite late in October with fewer enthusiasts about organizing music-promoting activities, we, therefore, mainly made focuses on the school's annual concert. Though this is the second year which the annual concert was held at civic centre, implying that we were still not experienced enough in organizing such a great event, we won a lot of acclaims from the school authorities, schoolmates, parents, alumni and even outsiders as well.

That should be the most memorable moment in my school life.

May I express my deepest gratitude to our Principal, Mr. Norman So, our Assistant Principals, Ms. Eva Chau and Mr. Leung Wai Kwong, our teacher-advisors, Ms. Hwong Yen Fang, Mr. Gary So and Mr. David Yiu, for giving us unlimited generous support and valuable ideas.

Yip Chung Ki Javier


Ms. Hwong Yen Fang
Mr. Gary So
Mr. David Yiu
Mr. Norman So

6B Yip Chung Ki Javier

6B Chan Pak Hang Gary
6S Yip Siu Wing Ken

General Secretary
6S Lam Kanber Kenneth

Internal Secretaries
6B Cheng Ka King Kenny
4Y Mak King Hou Louis

Financial Secretaries

6SS Leung Kar Lok Carl
4K Shum Hok Lun Kevin

External Secretaries
6S Ng Chun Ming
4W Lam Kei Ho Marcus

Publicity Secretary

6S Tung Chin Pang Steven