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English Debating Team

Ladies and gentlemen:

The motion we have before you is ur English debating team is hopeless? Due to the clarity of the terms used, I will not go into the definitions of each, but rather focus directly on our performance in the past year, from which you will find the evidence substantiating my stance that the motion must not stand.

2001-2002 has been a year of unsuccessful attempts to outstrip our dear opponents in joint school championships. However, this by no means implies a deterioration in the quality or standards of our debaters; our school continues to produce individuals of high calibre, only that experience requires time to acquire. It is thus still too soon to conclude that the team is hopeless in any foreseeable way.

Despite setbacks in the inter-school arena, we have identified a number of promising newcomers with exceptional potential in the lower forms. We look forward to seeing them in action in the near future. The collaborative efforts of the Speech and Debating Society and the Cultural Activities Committee, together with the unfailing support of our teachers and advisors, have also seen raised awareness towards the art of debating, and subsequently, the rise of new stars.

For these reasons, I have high hopes that the debating team will be able to maintain, or even more likely, raise its standards in the years to come.

The problem is whether we can defeat the aforementioned motion depends ultimately on your decision. If you trust that you have what it takes (courage and passion) to be a valued member of the team, do not hesitate to join us. "Be a credit to your school, to those who love you and to yourself."
The fate of our team lies in your hands. Act now! Thank you.

Team Captain
Mai Ming David