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Weight Training Club

A lot of students might think that weight training and bodybuilding are only for adults. It is totally wrong. Weight training is a sport for all, male and female, young and old. Owing to the safety consideration, our club only serves Wahyanites who are Form 3 or above.

Most Wahaynites prefer fitness and well-built body shapes. To achieve that, two things should be stressed-practice and flexibility. To most bodybuilders among Wahyanites, they always neglect body flexibility but are only concerned about muscle building.

For weight training, we need adequate flexibility for two reasons. To maximize muscle stimulation by working the muscles over a full range of motion, and to reduce the risk of injury while exercising. Without adequate flexibility, a sudden explosive motion can result in a torn muscle that can wreak havoc upon our training or cause permanent injury.

Dealing with that, we should spend 15 to 30 minutes warming up and stretching before lifting weights. The techniques we use are similar to those of track runners, football players and other athletes. In addition, we promote natural bodybuilding and fitness; taking steroids is therefore prohibited in our club.

I wish every member or those who have a chance to practice weight training consider the above opinions seriously. I am sure you would benefit through the proper way of training.

On behalf of the Weight Training Club, I would like to thank our advisor Principal, Mr. Norman So, because he has spent a lot of time teaching and guiding us. Also I need to thank Mr. Ng Kwing Kwing for helping us to repair the equipment in the gymnasium. With all executive committee members?efforts, the club has been running well this year. Lastly, I wish the Weight Training Club much success in the future.

Chan Pan

Mr. So Chung Ping, Norman

Chan Pan 6SS

Vice Chairman

Ng Wai On 6SS
Shum Ka Chun 6SS

General Secretary

Ng Chi Fai 6B

Internal Secretary

Leung Ka Lok 6SS

External Secretary
So Lik Hang 4W

Financial Secretary

Pang Hiu Fung 6SS


Cheung Wai Lap 4J

Art Designer
Ho Siu Tong 4Y