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UNO is a one of most popular card game that almost everyone knows how to play, but only a few peoples are expert of playing UNO.

However, even expert of playing UNO is not always the winner of the game. Unlike chess, technique is not the most important factor of winning, but luck. UNO always not only play between two players but 4,5 or more. It is nearly impossible to guess exactly what cards are holding by your opponents. It is also hardly to guess what card the player before you will play. As technique is not most important, it is the interesting point of UNO. Nobody will be the winner of the game all the time. Because of this, no one would like to put effort on become expert of UNO, as I mentioned before, without luck, even expert cannot win the game.

Chan Fai Wa



Ms. Tsoi Sau Chun, Agnes


Chan Fai Wa 6SS

Vice Chairman
Chow Hin Ting, Leonard 6B
Yeung Kwong 5Y

General Secretary
Tsui Siu Fung 6S

Internal Secretary

Ng Chun Hei 6SS

External Secretary

Chun Tin Wai 6SS


Yeung Kin Wai, Kenneth 6SS


Chow On Dick 6SS
Wong Wai Chung, Philip 6SS