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Translation Society

Translation plays an important role in the world. People need to build up a web of relationship with others in order to be more competitive in the society.

Translation helps a lot in linking people from different cultures. Translation is not just a bridge between languages, but also a bridge between cultures.

To arouse the interest in translation among our schoolmates, the Society was established in 1998.

This year, the Society recruited about sixty members and organized some activities: a translation course, a book exhibition, several board displays and a visit to Eastbank Book Shop.

Besides, we co-organized a translation competition with the Students' Association.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank our dedicated advisor, Mr. Choi Wai Hoi, for his generous advice and support. We do hope that our Society will have a greater success in future.

Chan Cheuk Fai

Choi Wai Hoi


Chan Cheuk Fai 6B

Vice Chairman
Cheung Ka Yi 6B
Lee Siu Lung 6B

General Secretary

Tung Chin Pang 6S

Internal Secretary

Li Ka Man 6B

External Secretary

Chan Kwun Yiu 4Y

Financial Secretary

Leung Ho San 6S

Publicity Secretary
Ng King Wang 6B

Art Designer
Tang Yau Lun 6B

Information Researcher
Lau Shu Kwan 4Y
So Wai Kit 4W


Wong Wai Chung 6B