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Tennis Club

Have you ever gone into the tennis courts in our campus?
For what? Playing football or anything other than tennis?

Do you think that this is the result of a football match?
It is impossible!
In fact, it is the score of one game in a tennis match.

Nowadays, tennis has become much more popular than it is in the past. But, you may still know only a little about tennis. When you talk about tennis, you may talk about Anna Kournikova. Are you focusing on her skills? Doubtful. Or only focusing on her appearance?

It is a shame to spoil the chance of playing tennis as we have four standard tennis courts in our campus. Join the Tennis Club and enjoy tennis. After joining our club, you will know more about tennis from our professional tennis coach. He can even train you to beome a member for our school team.

I hope all Wahyanites can enjoy playing tennis. And I would like to offer our most sincere thanks to our advisor, Mr. Wong Wai Leung and our coach, Mr. Gary To, for their invaluable advice, guidance and spiritual support.


Mr. Wong Wai Leung

Li Ka Man 6B


Chong Kai Sang 6S
Tsui Siu Fung 6S

General Secretary

Ng King Wang 6B

Internal Secretary
Wong Wai Chung 6B

External Secretary

Yeung Chung Ming 4S

Financial Secretary

Lok Shun Him 5K

Publicity Secretary

Leung Pak Ki 6B

Ng Wai Pui 6S
Wong Shek Yiu 5S