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Table Tennis Club

There is a trend in our school is that only lower-form students play table tennis while the upper-form stick to football and basketball which is quite strange.

That is why our club's aim is not only to promote table tennis, but also to encourage Wahyanites to participate in playing table tennis especially the upper-form students.

Fortunately, this year, besides lower-form members, there are also quite a number of upper-form students joined our club and participated in some of our clubs' activities such as the table tennis competitions and practice, which is quite inspiring.

Table tennis is a very interesting and exciting activity and our school provides enough tables for students, which give them great opportunities to explore this game. Although you may think that table tennis is not as sportive as football or basketball, it can train your reflex action while the other sports cannot do that for you.

Finally, on behalf of the club, I would like to express my gratitude to our advisors, Mr. Chan and Mr. Tang for their countless help. Thanks a lot for providing numerous advices which make the club activities successfully proceed.

Tsui Siu Fung

Mr. Tang Wai Choi
Mr. Chan Ka Lok


Tsui Siu Fung 6S

Vice Chairman

Yam Kin Chiu 7S
Li Ka Man 6B

General Secretary
Yip Siu Wing 6S

Internal Secretary

Wan Kam Fai 4J

External Secretary

Ching Lun Siu 6S

Financial Secretary
Lee Pui Chung 6S


Ng Wai Pui 6S
Chan Pak Hang 6B