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Soccer Society

This year, Soccer Society had held a lot of soccer leagues and matches. It had also helped Sports Committee to hold activities about soccer, such as Christmas Cup and Easter Cup.
Soccer Society provided referees to regulate the soccer matches for these cups.

This year, the international soccer competition named World Cup will be held by FIFA between the top professional teams in the world, pitting nation against nation. The most watched event in the world, it attracted a television audience of over 3 billion viewers. Wah Yan boys are much interested in playing soccer.

Soccer Society had provided opportunities for our students to play soccer matches. Although the award is not valuable, the students can feel what the soccer players in World Cup do.

Tang Yau Lun

Mr. Tang Wai Choi
Mr. Chan Ka Lok


Tang Yau Lun 6B

Vice Chairman

Cheung Ka Yi 6B
Yip Siu Wing 6S

General Secretary

Chow Hin Ting 6B
Wan Pui Hang 6SS

Internal Secretary

Lam Hon Chi 6S

External Secretary

Pang Hiu Fung 6SS


Ngai Ho Kwan 6S

Publicity Department PIC

Chan Tin Wai 6S

Referee Department PIC

Yeung Wai Wai 6S