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Psychology Club

The teacher advisors are Mr. Ho Fu Kuen, Mr. So Kwan
Wong, Mr. Leung Kwok Yee, Mr. Leung Yiu Kwong. By the end of this academic year, we had already recruited around 50 members.

The aim of our club is to arouse Wahyanites' interest in psychology and to provide our members with a basic knowledge in psychology. After the formation of the executive committee in the late January, we have set up a stall of EQ test in the union day. The result is unexpectedly good: students from different forms have participated the test. After the Easter holidays, there was also a Brain Gym course which we receive good responses from our members.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our advisors, Mr. Ho Fu Keun, Mr. So Kwan Wong, Mr. Leung Kwok Yee, Mr. Leung Yiu Kwong, for their generous supports ad invaluable advice. Most sincere thanks should also be given to our members for their enthusiastic participation in our activities.

Cheung Ka Yee

Cheung Ka Yi 6B


Chan Cheuk Fai 6B
Tse Lap Tak 6SS
Yeung Hoi Man 4K

Finance Secretary
Tung Chin Pang 6S

External Secretary

Fong Ka Yeung 4W

Internal Secretary
Wong Hon Lam 6S

Publicity Secretary
Chau Chun Man 4S