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Photography and Videography Club

The Photography and Videography Club was re-established in this academic year. After the club's former body, Photography Club, disbanded in the academic year 1997.

Photography was considered to be an expensive hobby. The expenses of camera, films and photo developments are great. However, when the digital camera comes into the market, the cost of photography was greatly reduced. People could buy camera with a lower cost and lesser maintenance fee.

The popularity of videography is growing all over the world. Although the cost is higher then the traditional photography, videos taking could be more interactive and could be enhanced with more visual effects.

With the support of my fellow executive members, we have a good start after our formation. We have recruited over 40 members. As we were formed in the January, it was impossible for us to organise any sorts of Joint-School outings. Nevertheless, we do not own a Dark Room to develop the photos we took.

Moreover, Most of our members are green on photography, we had organised a short lecture for them and followed by a photography competition. Some of the members also organised photos trip for themselves. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our advisors for their constructive comments and continual support. I hope the photography and videography club will be more successful in the coming year.

Beda Tse

Mr. Chan Ka Lok
Mr. Lai Ka Yin
Mr. Shing Chi Keung
Mr. Wong Wai Leung
Mr. Yue Poon Leung

Technical Consultant
Mr. Fan Ming Kuen

Students Advisors

Chan Yuk Lung 7SS

Tse, Lap Tak Beda 6SS

Vice Chairman
Li, Lap Yin 6SS
Au, Kin Pan 4K

General Secretary
Leung, Yu Tian 4S

Internal Secretary
Chow, Ho Ming 3W

External Secretary
Law, Tsz Yan Victor 4K

Financial Secretary
Ng, Wai On 6SS

Chau Chun Man 4S