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Philatelic Society

Philately, someone may wonder, is useless and boring. However,
we believe it is a beneficial and interesting game.

By collecting stamps from all over the world, we can learn more about foreign culture, have a closer look to their local customs and practices, undoubtedly, it is beneficial to students, to us.

Some may think that philately is only an individual game, actually, it is wrong. Students can join together to share their experiences in stamp collecting as well as exchange their stamps. Through this, no longer individual, but group interaction is involved. It becomes an interesting game and it may even enhance friendship among students. Who dare say philately is useless and boring.

Here, we would like to take to chance the express my sincere gratitude to our advisors Mr. L.H. Ho and Mr. David Lee for their generous support and invaluable advice. We also hope that from the members?enthusiastic participation, philately--- an out-dated activity can regain its popularity and has a fruitful future.

Ngai Ho Kwan

Mr. Ho Lai Hang

Ngai Ho Kwan 6S

Vice Chairman

Cheung Kar Chun 6SS
Tang Yau Lun 6B

General Secretary
Lo Chun Tung 6B
Chow Hin Ting, Leonard 6B

Internal Secretary
Lau Kwong Chi 6SS

External Secretary

Wong Chi Fung 6S
Chan Kin Wai 6S

Publicity Secretary

Wing Shun Lung 6B

Liu Yu Hong 6S

Choy Kwun Wai 6SS