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Orienteering Club

The Orienteering Club of Wah Yan College, Kowloon was founded on May 27, 2002 under the approval of the school advisory committee. We aim at giving members an opportunity to learn and arouse their interest in orienteering.

A Swedish scout leader who called Major Evnat Killander founded orienteering in 1918, which is a sport similar with 'treasure hunt'.

In the orienteering, participants should use a map, which is provided by the organiser, to find out the pre-set control point. When they reach the control point, which flagged with a lantern coloured orange and white, they must punch their control card with a marker in the lantern to prove that they have already visited the point.

Compass and whistle, together with the map and control card provided by the organizer, are the only things required during the competition. As the course and the weather are different in every match, the challenges and situations are virtually never duplicated.

Appreciation should be given to Mr. Norman So, our Principal, and Mr. Stanislaus Keung, our adviser. We are looking forward to the success of the club. Why hesitate? Join the orienteering club immediately!

Keung Man Yin

* the club executive members list and photo are missing due to the late formation of the club