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Modellers' Society

Model-making is not only an interest or a childplay, but a good model could be handy for presentation of projects, events as well as others.

The objectives of our society, as stated in the consitution, are to arouse the interest of model-making. With equal force, improving the skills of model-making of our members is another quest for us.

This is not a fruitful year for the society. The executive committee was formed in late october, just before the re-registration deadline of the clubs and societies. Our executive members was not experienced in model-making. We have organized a few model making courses but our members are not participating enthusiastically.

I would like to express my gratitude to our advisor, Mr. M. L. Kwan, for his invaluable support and advice. I wish that the Modellers' Society will go back to the right track and become popular in the future.

Yeung Wai Wai

Mr. Kwan Man Leung

Yeung Wai Wai 6S

Vice Chairman

Chan Kin Wai, Kenny 6S
Fung Bob Len, Aaron 6SS

General Secretary

Chun Tin Wai 6SS
Wan Pui Hang 6SS

Internal Secretary
Lam Hon Chi 6S
Chan Tin Wai 6S

External Secretary
Leung Chun Wing 6S

Financial Secretary

Yip Siu Wing 6S

Ngai Ho Kwan 6S