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Illusion is any effect involving a human being, most notably an
appearance, vanish or transformation.

The word llusion?has been extended to large animals and huge objects as well, while many unique effects, such as a levitation, where an assistant is floated in the air, or a 'spook' cabinet, in which ghostly phenomena occur, also fall into this category.

Formerly such effects were called 'Stage illusion' Except stage illusion, we have money magic, card trick and metal magic in the category. Each of them is uniquely unique.

We can do magic tricks on the spur of the moment, using unprepared items we can borrow on the spot: money, pencils, clothing and silverware.

Magic can add charm to our personality and impress friends.

Leung Kar Lok, Carl


Mr. Leung Kwok Yee, David
Mr. Lee Han Kin Eugene

Leung Kar Lok, Carl 6SS

Vice Chairman
Leung Chun Wing 6S
Wong Cheuk Ting 6B

Internal Secretary
Ho Ming Yan 6S

External Secretary
Chan Chun Kai 6S

Financial Secretary
Cheun Fong Leuk 6SS

Publicity Secretary

Chun Tin Wai 6SS