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Horticulture Club

If a beautiful flower is placed in front of you, I must say
you will stop you step and stare at it.

Most people love flowers for their variety of shapes, stunning colours and lovely aroma. I am sure that you will long for a variegated garden to appear at your home. I am also sure that the campus of our school must be a nice, immense garden for Wahyanites to study in, to lessen the pressure of studying.

I believe the nature is the best teacher. In order to learn from this great teacher, we have organized a series of activities for our club members to participate in, to learn from every corner of our school. Our members learned much from our activities and their interests towards horticulture grew more than before.

Finally, on behalf of the club, I would like to express my gratitude to our advisors, Mr. Chiu and Mr. Shing for their countless help. Without their help our club activities would not be so successful.

Chan Pak Hang



Mr. Chiu Hai Kaw
Mr. Shing Chi Keung


Chan Pak Hang 6B

Vice Chairman
Ching Lun Siu 6B
Chow Hin Ting Leonard 6B

General Secretary
Tsui Siu Fung 6S

Internal Secretary
Kwok Siu Kei 6B
Li Ka Man 6B

External Secretary

Chan Tin Wai 6S
Ching Cheung Wai 4K

Chan Cheuk Fai 6B