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History Society

History Society is one of the oldest academic societies in WYK.

The objective of the History Society is to stimulate enthusiasm for the study of history.

Through careful learning and understanding of history, one can develop historical concepts, make generalizations and find out trends that have shaped the modern world. In additional, through studying history, we can understand foreign cultures and broaden the horizon of our knowledge. This year, one of the major activities of the Society was a board-exhibition about the Nazi-period of Germany. Lastly, on behalf of the society,

I would like to thank Mr. Chow, Mr. Koo, Mr. Leung and Ms. Russell, for their invaluable advice and support. Also, the ex-co members would like to wish the society every success in the future.

Lui Hui Hang

Mr. Leung Kwok Yee, David
Ms. Russell Freda Ying Lan

Lau Hui Hang 6SS

Vice Chairman
Yeung Kin Wai, Kenneth 6SS
Chan Fai Wa 6SS

General Secretary
Chuen Fong Leuk 6SS

Internal Secretary
Si Yeung 6SS

External Secretary
Yip Chun Kei 6B

Financial Secretary
Choi Kwun Wai 6SS

IT Consultant
Tung Chin Pang 6S