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Geography and Conservancy Club

The Wah Yan Geography and Conservancy Society was founded in 1966. Having
been one of the most popular clubs in Wah Yan, the society fell on my shoulder this year. After the Annual General Meeting was held in October, the 3rd Executive Committee of Geography and Conservancy Society was elected and we soon worked eagerly with great expectations.

In order to arouse and foster students' interest in Geography and Conservancy, we have organized many activities throughout the year. In January, the "Conservancy Week" was held and we have organized a boat trip to Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park in search of the protected Chinese White Dolphins. Nearly 80 students participated in the event. We successfully provided a chance for them to explore the nature.

In March, our traditional event, Joint-School Geo-Orienteering Competition was held. Co-organized with St. Clare's Girls' School and St. Catharine's School for Girls, K.T., the competition was held successfully during the Easter Holiday. This competition provided students with an opportunity to acquire first-hand geographical knowledge without teachers' guidance.

Lastly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our teacher advisor, Mr. Stanislaus Keung, for his invaluable advice and assistance throughout the year. Most sincere thanks should also be given to our committee members for their hard work. I hope the Geography and Conservancy Society will be more successful in the coming years.

Wan Pui Hang

Mr. Keung Yiu Ming, Stanislaus

Wan Pui Hang 6SS

Vice Chairman

Keung Man Yin 6B

Honorary Secretary
Choy Kwun Wai 6SS

Assistant Honorary Secretary

Wong Tak Kong 3W

Honorary Treasurer

Yeung Wai Wai 6S

Honorary Librarian
Poon Cheuk Bun 3S