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Chess Club

Chess was once again become popular around the campus in this aca-
demic year. It is not difficult to see that students are practice chess during the lunch hour or after school. On the other hand, under the influence of a Japanese anime, "Go" was also become more popular around the campus.

The aim of our club is to arouse students' interest in chess game, as well as other board games like "Go". We had our regular practices during school days and participated in several joint-school competitions. In the "Hong Kong Inter-school Chinese Chess competition", our team members had a brilliance performance and captured the overall champion. I believe our members had improved their technique in playing chess game through these practices and competitions.

I owe thanks to all members of the Chess Club for their continuous support, the executive committee members for their hard work and to our advisor, Mr. Lam Wing Hung, Alan, for his invaluable advice. It is hoped that the Club can continue to flourish in the future.

Ng Chun Hei


Mr. Lam Wing Hung, Alan

Ng Chun Hei 6SS

Vice Chairman
Ng Chi Kin 6S
Cheng Chi Fung 6S

General Secretary
Yeung Kin Wai 6SS

Internal Secretary
Lee Yu Ting, Victor 4J

External Secretary

Leung Chun Wing 6S

Financial Secretary
Chuen Fong Leuk 6SS


Chow On Dick 6SS