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Computer and Electronics Club

Computer and Electronics Club was established in 1998 when Com
puter Club and Electronics Club merge together to have a better utilization of resources. The aim of Computer and Electronics Club is to arouse schoolmates' interests in computer and electronics technology.

This year, the executive committee of the Computer and Electronics Club was formed in early October. On Union Day, we assisted the Recreation Committee to host a computer game competition which resulted in a great success. We jointly organized a HTML course with the Wah Yan Path to help the development of the Wah Yan Path Online.

There are some others activities we have organized which include Java Course and Calculator Course.

I owe thanks to all members of the Computer and Electronics Club for their continuous support, the executive committee members for their hard work and to our advisers, Mr. Fan Ming Kuen, Mr. Lau Yuk Hong, Mr. Lee Yan Ming, Mr. Seto Wai Wah and Mr. Wong Wai Leung for their invaluable advice. I wish our club can continue to flourish in the future.

Tung Chin Pang

Mr. Lau Yuk Hong
Mr. Lee Yan Ming
Mr. Wong Wai Leung
Mr. Seto Wai Wah

Tung Chin Pang 6S

Vice Chairman
Tse Lap Tak 6SS
Chan Chung Kai 6S
Ngai Ho Kwan 6S

General Secretary
Cheng Chi Fung 6S
Kwok Siu Ki 6B

Internal Secretary

Yeung Wai Wai 6S
Chan Fai Wa 6SS

External Secretary
Leung Chun Wing 6S

Lau Hui Hang 6SS

Publicity Secretary
Ng Wai On 6SS