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We, the bridge players, used to answer this question. To make the
contact bridge game appealing, it combines incredible number of fascinating features. Some of these are:

Bridge is first and foremost a game of skill. It is demanding enough to provide a challenge to all, requiring abilities such as reasoning, memory and planning. Anyone who is willing to invest some time and effort can learn to play. Yet you do not have to be an expert to find enjoyment.

The Personal Element
There are computer programs to play bridge games, but it could never master the personal element. Consider the behaviour patterns of your opponents are yet more difficult. For example, some opponents consistently overvalue their cards, and you can let them have the bid and stop their contract. Also, caring and feeding of partners is particularly important. In bridge, you have a partner to assist you in the battle againist two opponents, and partner's habits must also be kept in mind.

Bridge presents a good challenge in the area of communications. Each player holds thirteen cards, and there are clearly defined rules concerning the information you are permitted to give to your partner. Within these severe limitations, players must choose ways to exchange information in order to get the most out of the combined partnership assets.

In bridge, exact situations are virtually never duplicated. There are no fewer than 8 x 10^64 possible combinations. You are unlikely to see the same one occur twice in your lifetime.

For reasons like these, bridge is enjoyed by millions participants and regarded as one of the best card games in the world.

Tse Lap Tak, Beda

Mr. Fan Ming Kuen George
Ms Lau Siu King
Mr. Ng Ka Lok, Alex
Mr. Tam Wing Ming
Mr. Wong Wai Leung

Tse Lap Tak, Beda 6SS

Vice Chairman

Tsui Siu Fung, Shelton 6S
Chan Fai Wa 6SS

General Secretary
Shing Siu Hong, Sixy 4K

Internal Secretary
Ng Wai Pui, Ronnie 6S

External Secretary

Ching Lun Siu, Adrian 6B

Financial Secretary
Pang Hiu Fung, Ray 6SS

Chow Ho Ming, Ken 3W