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You may know thoroughly how does a machine work, and you may
understand clearly why a computer can process difficult tasks, but do you know what yourself is? If you don't, it is pretty a shame that you do not even know the thing which is nearest to you.

Biology, literally means speech of life in Latin, is a subject full of mystery. Unlike other subjects such as physics, we first have the product then we deduce the theories. Till now, the speech has not been totally interpreted and there is much uncertainty for us to explore. This is where biology being so interesting. Also, biology is living, it changes at times and never settle down. New species may be discovered in the next minute, or some old theories may be proven incorrect in the coming moment. hat is that for? This is a sheer waste of time!?Though we can never come to a final answer since it does not exist and the investigation will be endless with no doubt, we still get fun whenever new stuff is discovered because this enhance the knowledge of human being and we are surely proud of this. Contribution to the world is a pleasure and it has been my motivation of studying biology since my first lesson. Here, I wish all of you can have fun and joy from biology as I do. Enjoy biology!

I would like to express my deepest thank to the ones who once gave me a hand in my road to a biologist. Mr. Chiu, Mr. Shing and Mr. B. Chan, thanks a lot as you never give me up and provide numerous advice and experience to me, making the road much smoother and easier. And Ms. Liu, you are the one who lit my aspiration to become a biologist, thanks. Glory should belong to all of you.

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