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Basketball Club

The Basketball Society aims at arousing students?interest in basketball.
This year, the aim was mainly archived by the means of courses.

Courses aim at improving students?knowledge of basketball. So, we organised courses on basic game regulations and strategies. We also provided reference books about basketball for all members.

Apart from courses, several competitions were also held. This year, most competitions were held with the help of Students’ Association. We organised the Basketball League. The response from junior forms was very well. Almost every class had their own team.

On behalf of the Basketball Society, I would like to express our gratitude to our teacher advisor, Mr. Chan Ka Lok. His advice and support helped us organised all the activities smoothly.

Leung Chi Keung


Mr. Chan Ka Lok

Leung Chi Keung 6SS

Vice Chairman
Cheung Kar Chun 6SS
Choi Wing Fai 6S

General Secretary
Shum Ka Chun 6SS

Internal Secretary

Ng Chi Fai 6B

Financial Secretary
Wong Wai Chung 6SS

Yiu Kwun Wai 3J