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Badminton Club

When I was young, I rarely played badminton. To be honest, I have little
"discrimination" on that. It was because the "ball" was so light and simple; it should be hard to think that one cannot handle it.

One day I watched a TV programme on badminton competition. It was very fantastic, you could see competitors "danced" around the court with their "ribbons" in their hands. At that time, I could not believe my eye.

What I had learnt from the above was not dancing with ribbon. What I had learnt was the other side of "badminton". It was such an exciting and energetic game that I have ever experienced.

The scene appearing in competition still persisted till I became the chairman. In this academic year, our club had successfully recruited more than 60 members. In addition, every activities held by our club ran very smoothly. Therefore, thanks should be given to Mr. Keung Yiu Ming, Stanislaus for his generous advice and tolerance to our club. In the days ahead, I sincerely hoped that the badminton club would have a brightful future.

Ho Tak Kei, Peter


Ho Tak Kei, Peter 6S

Chan Cheuk Fai, Timothy 6B

Financial Secretary

Leung Ho San, Tony 6S

Lam Hon Chi, Paul 6S

External Secretary
Chan Kin Wai 6S

Internal Secretary
Yip Siu Wing, Ken 6S

General Secretary
Lee Siu Lung, Henry 6B