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Aviation Club

Flying has long been dreams of many. Aviation reshapes our dreams into reality.
Aviation Club is there for the students sharing the same dream; and for all students who might be interested in the physics, history and prospect of aviation.

Everything has a beginning. We could hardly advance in aviation without looking back into the past. This year we had two themes, 1. The birth of aircraft; 2. Longing to fly – the development of space shuttle, their appearance in board display received considerable attentions.

The club had taken part in the Union Day and the Wah Yan Festival. The results were satisfactory. Students showed interest and appreciations in our efforts. However, the club failed to achieve the goal of reconstructing the website, for we are lacked of knowledge in this respect and could not recruit any helper. Apology is made here.

To all members and students, we would like to thank for their support. This year is the Aviation Club 31st anniversary. On behalf of the Aviation Club I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our advisor, Mr. Lee Hang Kin, Eugene, for his assistance.

Lee Siu Lung

Mr, Lee Han Kin, Eugene

Lee Siu Lung 6B

Vice Chairman
Chan Cheuk Fai 6B
Ho Tak Kei 6S

General Secretary
Ng Wai Pui 6S

Internal Secretary
Li Ka Man 6B

External Secretary
Ng Wai Pui 6S
Lee Siu Hing 5Y

Financial Secretary
Wong Wai Chung 6B

Art Designer

Ngai Wui Tong 4Y