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Astronomy Society

What is astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of everything beyond Earth and how it came to be: stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, dust, gases, nebulas, galaxies and the universe itself. Astronomy and astrology are two different things. Astronomy is people learning the patterns of stars and followed the paths of planets across the sky, so it is a kind of science, but astrology is the belief that the stars and planets can influenced people's lives and events on Earth.

In this year, astronomy society organized a series of activities, such as star observation camp and trip, Astronomy week and lectures, to accomplish our objectives - improve the knowledge of Wahyanites in astronomy.

Without the help and support of our advisor, Mr. Keung Yiu Ming, Stanislaus, the club cannot run smoothly. I wish Astronomy Society every success in future.

Shing Siu Hong



Mr. Stanislaus Keung Yiu Ming

Shing Siu Hong 4K

Vice Chairman
Keung Man Yin 6B

General Secretary
Lung Ming Kit 4Y

Publicity Secretary

Leung Yu Tian 4S

Yim Shing Yik 6S
Wong Tak Kong 3W
Chow Ho Ming 3W