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Art is everywhere. Whatever, whenever,
wherever, art does exist.

Art Club is established for introducing art through different aspects. We aim to arouse the interest in art of students and let art be a part of their lives. The theme of this year is 'Creativity'?

Create is the action which causes something to exist. No creation, no existence. Thus, creation is said to be the most common, essential process in the world. Students in Hong Kong are always criticized to be not creative enough, and they only know memorizing as well as copying without deep understanding. All we want to do this year is to arouse students?creativity through a series of functions.

As soon as our executive committee had been formed in the early October, serial activities were held. The first one was embership-card design competition? It was an excellent chance for Wahyanites to show their creativity. From late October to mid November, it was the most meaningful period of Art Club, as all of us were busy in preparing the backdrop of Speech Day 2001. This year, we introduced a new style of decoration which combined several pieces of art-works together to show some of the significant places in Wah Yan. We were glad to receive good responses from all.

On Union day, again, a new idea of performance was shown. We invited one of our teacher advisors, Mr. Percival Ho, to be our 3D drawing-canvas. With the theme uture of Wah Yan? schoolmates created their graceful works through a kind of artistry - Body Art. Everybody enjoyed themselves to their hearts' content.

In April, a join-school art trip with Holy Family Canossian College was held. More than 20 schoolmates participated. The meaningful trip provided a chance for them to exchange experiences in art and fostered friendship among students from different schools.

A course titled "Western Calligraphy" was introduced to Wahyanites in May. Since most of them had not come across with this special culture before, they showed a deep interest in it. It was an excellent experience for me to share the knowledge and skills of calligraphy with them.

I would like to thank our advisors, Mr. Leung Yiu Kwong and Mr. Percival Ho, for their unconditional support and encouragement. I would also like to thank all executive committee members and club members for their generous participation.

Chow Siu Kei


Mr. Stanislaus Keung Yiu Ming

Shing Siu Hong 4K

Vice Chairman
Keung Man Yin 6B

General Secretary
Lung Ming Kit 4Y

Publicity Secretary

Leung Yu Tian 4S

Yim Shing Yik 6S
Wong Tak Kong 3W
Chow Ho Ming 3W